Delays, congestion, COVID... Now more than ever, you need consistent cash flow.

no pain, all gain

When you factor your invoices with Orange Commercial Credit, sure, you get your cash sooner, but you also get a team of experienced credit managers to help with the heavy lifting. Not only do we follow up on the unpaid invoices for you, but we also help you identify good risk from bad to begin with. No more buying expensive credit reports or trying to figure out how to read them.

Also, unlike traditional bank loans, when you factor, you get the cash you need without creating debt or opening an expensive line of credit, another pain point.

unique in the industry

You can count on Orange Commercial Credit to come through for you. We are a privately-held company with proven intermodal invoice factoring programs. Our customers are happy and it shows. Over half our new business comes from referrals. Many of our customers have been with us for years.

same day funding

We are thoroughly familiar with your industry and your paperwork. Once your account is set up, submitting invoices is a breeze and your bills are funded the same business day.

established company

Originally founded in 1979, we've been going strong ever since. The average time an employee has stayed with our company is more than 11 years, and our credit and collections experts have a combined 500 years of factoring experience!

So check us out. We’ll take good care of you!

award-winning service and terms
two years running

Please don't hesitate to reach out.

“The Staff is Phenomenal”

Orange Commercial Credit is THE BEST factoring company that we have ever worked with. We have been with them 3 years and our income has doubled every year! The staff is phenomenal and the VP really cares and encourages growth. They have been very influential in our business going from a mom-and-pop company with the staff less than 10 to now a company of 30+ employees. They celebrate our success and we are blessed to be apart of the OCC family.”

Car Repair Company, Nashville, TN