over 40 successful years

We have over 40 reliable years factoring receivables for companies nationwide.

Only a handful of accounts receivable factoring companies can say that. Even fewer can say a majority of their new accounts receivable factoring business comes from client referrals. Our clients are happy! We give you much more than just funding. We also give you back your time.

Need Cash Today For Your Delaware Company

We know that more and more these days your customers are stretching payments, some because they can, others because they are struggling. But you also have bills to pay. So instead of focusing on other crucial aspects of your Delaware company. You're stuck chasing down your customers. We know that’s very unpleasant. Not only for you, but also for your customers.

Delaware Accounts Receivable Factoring Companies

We Are Your Solution

Our accounts receivable factoring company programs and services for Delaware companies will get you the cash you need and provide relief to your customers too. You don’t have to be the banker for your customers.

We also help you identify good risk from bad. No more buying expensive credit reports or trying to figure out how to read them. Our credit and collections managers are seasoned experts.

Accounts receivable factoring companies especially live and die by their credit and collections decisions. Our factoring veterans know what exactly to look for in helping you make the right credit decision for your Delaware company.

We can lift that heavy burden of credit control off your back for invoices you decide to factor, saving you big time and money.

Delaware Companies factoring companies customers
No more collection calls

You will no longer need to make those uncomfortable and awkward collection calls. Would you rather spend your time calling your customers getting to know them better? Our team is very experienced and professional when it comes to placing follow up collection calls in your behalf. We bring any important matters to your attention. This allows you to focus on what you do best.

You can be confident about accepting terms with your customers because you won’t need to wait for payment from them. We will handle the aspects of credit control, including checking your customers’ credit, collecting outstanding amounts, and providing you with detailed online reports for your factored invoices.

It can cost you a lot of expense and time to handle these things yourself, and when you work with us, these back-office services are included in your factoring fee.

Boost Sales For Your Delaware Company

Have you ever turned down or avoided a new sales opportunity because of a customer’s payment terms? If your answer is yes then our receivable factoring programs definitely can help you land that customer.

Using our accounts receivable factoring company services, as soon as your goods are delivered or services performed, you can count on funding for those larger companies with slow payment terms.

With our accounts receivable factoring company services, you can now confidently ask your customers for more business. Knowing you have a source of reliable cash flow, you may never have to turn away a good new sale.

Why Orange Commercial Credit is the Right Choice for Your Delaware Company

Before you decide if we are the right accounts receivable factoring company for you, let us tell you a little about us and how we stand above the other accounts receivable factoring companies.

Delaware CALIFORNIA factoring Over 40 Years in the Receivable Factoring Business

We have been in the invoice factoring business for over 40 years, are independently held, and have a proven track record of being FINANCIALLY SOLID. We have survived many of the economy's roller coaster rides and in having done so, can lend you a helping hand in hard times. Rest assured we will be here for you when times get tough.

Happy Receivable Factoring Clients

More than half of our new accounts receivable factoring business comes from current customer referrals. We have a long list of happy receivable factoring clients, our average client has been with us over 4 years, which is unique in the receivable factoring industry. Compared with the other accounts receivable factoring companies, we have the highest factoring advance rates. Also we have no factoring minimums and transparent factoring fees.

Delaware, Delaware delaware-accounts-receivable-factoring-companies.webp We Care About Your Delaware Company

We have your company's best interests and success in mind. Other accounts receivable factoring companies may not be in it for the long haul and every step of your company's journey. For example, some accounts receivable factoring companies will continue to purchase your invoices because they don’t have the ability to see trouble ahead. You could end up buying back invoices from customers who could have been avoided in the first place.

We operate differently than the others. Our purpose is to build a strong relationship with you and protect your company against risky customers, keeping your Delaware business profitable.

Protect Your Delaware Company From Taking Losses

We have credit experts and current payment data to spot early payment trends to help protect your company from taking losses on customers who may be heading into bankruptcy. Other accounts receivable factoring companies may not monitor these situations as carefully to protect you.

Delaware over 40 reliable years  best-accounts-receivable-factoring-companies

“High Level of Trust”

“We've been with OCC since 2006. Their quality of service is wonderful. Everyone we have interacted with-from Sales to Operations and Management-have been fantastic to work with. There is a high level of teamwork, cooperation and trust.

Our company grew to a point where we weren't needing to factor and we pulled away for a bit. We got some new customers and wanted to factor again. OCC saw the increase in our business and called to offer us a new program that made factoring even greater for us.

The level of communication is superb. We submit our invoices almost daily using their very simple to use scanning program and know that when we submit our invoices before the deadline we get same day funding.”

—Mike, President and Customer Since 2006
Intermodal Transportation and Warehousing Company in Southern CA

How Accounts Receivable Factoring Works

So how does our accounts receivable factoring company program work? Unlike a bank we focus on the strength of your customer's credit and their ability to pay their bills, not yours. We charge a small fee for our accounts receivable factoring service, but there’s no debt and no interest. The factoring process is online and designed to be as easy as possible so that your business can thrive.

Once you are setup for factoring you get funded in 3 easy steps. First, you deliver your order/service to your customer. Next, you send us your invoice and supporting paperwork. Upon verification your invoice proceeds are sent to you, typically within 24 hours for returning customers. We’ll send your invoice to your customer as well as collect the payment from your customer.

We also provide you with free back-office support and manage your collections on invoices that you factored for your Delaware company. Your company gets online access to lookup your customer's payments. You know the status of every invoice at the click of a mouse. That’s it!

Delaware factoring companies delaware Additional Features of our Accounts Receivable Factoring Program Include:
  • Full advance and no reserve account programs
  • No set-up fees
  • No-cost, no-obligation application for written proposal
  • No minimum monthly factoring requirements
  • Funds applied same day as receipt (no float time)
  • Flexible program lets you factor any number of accounts
  • No long-term contract (90 days is typical)
  • One experienced and dedicated account representative to manage your account
  • Free 24/7 online access to your account activity and performance
  • Free credit checking of new and existing customers
  • 24/7 online invoice submission
  • Free collection follow-up on factored invoices


delaware-accounts-receivable-factoring-companies Accounts receivable factoring for Delaware Companies Why Our Accounts Receivable Factoring Company Is Unique best-accounts-receivable-factoring-companies

Of Course! From small privately-owned companies to large corporations, businesses of all sizes rely on Orange Commercial Credit accounts receivable factoring programs to boost their bottom lines by increasing cash flow and streamlining accounts receivable processes. OCC works with companies in most industries, including those in trucking, transportation, manufacturing and distribution, textiles, oil and gas, staffing and more.

Unlike a bank loan, accounts receivable factoring has…

    • No principle or interest to pay over time
    • No restrictive ratios such as debt to worth that limit growth
    • No debt to repay
    • Funding that keeps up with your growth
    • Fast funding – unlike conventional bank financing
    • Approval focused on the strength of your customers’ credit
    • Startups are welcome
Types of Companies That Use Accounts Receivable Factoring
Administrative services Advertisers Aerospace
Business services and consulting Call centers Commercial food service
Farming Government suppliers Information Technology
Janitorial and cleaning Logistics Manufacturers
Security and investigative services Staffing Telecom
Textiles Trucking and freight companies Wholesalers
And Many More...