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Service and Repair Companies

Service and Repair Companies

Factoring Solutions for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Maintaining good customer relations is important in any business, particularly banking. Unfortunately, there are times when you find yourself saying no to a loan applicant even though his or her business may show future promise.

For many years Orange Commercial Credit and its affiliates have been serving the working capital needs of small businesses throughout the United States. We have worked closely with the banking community to create an alternative source of funding for non-qualified borrowers.

At OCC, we recognize that many small companies do not meet the borrowing criteria of conventional lenders and therefore must be turned away to seek other sources. However, from our point of view, any company with a sound customer base and a good product or service need not struggle with insufficient working capital. Accounts receivable factoring may well be the alternative that some of your customers need to relieve recurring cash flow problems. More importantly, with an interim non-competitive factoring arrangement to stimulate growth, today’s unsuccessful loan applicants may eventually qualify for bank financing. A winning situation for all.

So when faced with the unpleasant task of turning down an otherwise valued customer, why not recommend factoring as an alternative source of working capital? Thanks to the many bank referrals over the years, we are proud to have been able to effectively serve the financial needs of the small business community.